Is government employee can do share trading?

35(1) No Government servant shall speculate in any stock, share or other investment: Provided that nothing in this sub-rule shall apply to occasional investments made through stockbrokers or other persons duly authorized and licensed or who have obtained a certificate of registration under the relevant law.

Can a govt employee do intraday trading?

As far as my knowledge goes, government employees cannot do intraday trading. However, you can surely invests in stocks, MFs, ULIPs, etc.

Can a govt employee do short term trading?

Yes. Government employees are also eligible to open demat and trading acoounts for investing in shares.

Can govt employee have demat account?

Hi, you may invest in shares. Investments in shares, debentures and mutual funds can be made by the Government servant. … You may make the investment in the shares and by and sell and can show the profit as your long and short term capital gains through your demat account.

Can govt employees do business?

No, A government employee is not allowed to run a private business, neither is he allowed to work anywhere else as a part-time or full-time employee. This is against government rule and hence person who is found can be charged for breaking the law.

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Can private employee do intraday trading?

Yes. Psu employee can do intraday trade in share market.

Can a state government employee invest in share market?

As per CCS (Central Civil Services) conduct rules 1964, investments in shares, debentures and mutual funds can be made by the Government servant. However “frequent buying and selling” of these are considered as “speculation” and is banned.

Is intraday trading legal in India?

Insider trading is an unfair and illegal practice in the stock market, wherein other investors are at a great disadvantage due to the lack of important insider non-public information about a company.

Can IAS invest in shares?

Working IAS officers may use their private legal money to make legitimate investments and purchase stocks. IAS officers may have their family and friends start a company in their place while they serve as advisors and share their thoughts. The government must, nevertheless, be kept informed of such an undertaking.

Can government employee Earn Online?

No. You can not work for gain outside your employment, 2. Even for working voluntarily you shall have to take permission from appropriate authority since you are working with a Govt.

Can a govt employee make youtube channel?

You have to check from your department where you working. Legally there is no bar for such video sharing. The nature of your video will be crucial. In India usually government employees are not allowed to do other business simultaneously as per teems and conditions of your employment.

Can a government employee lend money?

7. Do not lend money to or borrow money from or deposit money as a member or agent, with any person, firm or private company with whom you are likely to have official dealings. Do not otherwise place yourself under pecuniary obligation with such person, firm or private company.

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