How do I become a Safaricom shareholder?

Can I buy shares in Safaricom?

You can buy Safaricom shares by placing a manual order with your broker (you may need to pay them a visit) or online via the app/online shares trading platform provided by your broker. The shares you purchase will reflect in your CDSC account after 1 or 2 days.

How much do you need to buy Safaricom shares?

Requirements: Purchase a minimum of 500 shares at 52.5ksh. proof of payment. A Chama, a self-help group, an investment company and a Sacco.

How do I get Safaricom dividends?

If you are a Safaricom shareholder and wish to receive your dividend payment by M-PESA, then please register to do so by sending an SMS to 534 in the following format: ID Number#Full CDSC account number#Full names e.g. 12345678#Bxx/B-xxxxxxxxxxxxx/xx-0#John Smith.

Who owns most shares in Safaricom?

Our shareholding structure changed during the year and is currently comprised of the Government of Kenya (35 per cent), Vodacom (35 per cent), Vodafone (5 per cent) and free float (25 per cent).

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How do you earn money from shares?

How can I make money from shares? People aim to make money from investing in shares through one, or both, of the following ways: An increase in share price. Usually known as ‘capital growth’ or ‘capital gain’, all this means is that you make money by buying your shares for one price and selling them for a higher price.

How do you earn from shares?

7 Easy Ways To Make Money In Stocks

  1. How to make money in stock markets?
  2. Know the kind of a trader you are. …
  3. Try and avoid the herd mentality. …
  4. Never try to time the stock market. …
  5. Have a disciplined approach for investment. …
  6. Never let your emotions influence the judgement. …
  7. Always have realistic goals.

Which is the best company to buy shares in Kenya?

Here are the best shares to buy in Kenya at the moment:

  1. Safaricom PLC “A big investment.” …
  2. Kakuzi PLC “Great for holding” …
  3. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation “Good dividends and growth.” …
  4. Kenya Commercial Bank Group PLC “One of the best.” …
  5. Unilever Kenya PLC “Strong performance.” …
  6. Bamburi Cement PLC “One of the best.”

How do I invest in shares?

Here are a few key steps toward doing so:

  1. Step 1: Similar to a primary market, a secondary market also requires that you have your own Demat and trading account. …
  2. Step 2: The next step is to log into that trading account. …
  3. Step 3: Next, decide the price at which you want to buy a share versus sell it.
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How can I invest in shares in Kenya?

How to Buy Shares in Kenya

  1. Step 1: Choose your shares. …
  2. Step 2: Choose your shares. …
  3. Step 3: Choose a stockbroker. …
  4. Step 4: Open a Trading Account. …
  5. Step 4: Buying Shares.

How much dividend does Safaricom pay?

Dividend Payment

Safaricom’s board declared a dividend of Ksh 0.92 per ordinary share amounting to Ksh 36.86 Billion to be approved during the company’s AGM to be held on 30th July 2021.

How do I claim money from Safaricom?

Safaricom has been running a campaign to encourage the next of kin to claim this money. The could dial *405# before the August deadline to start the process.

How do I know my Safaricom shares?

Visit the UFAA website ( ) Search account details using ID number or any other identification used in buying shares. The result will show whether Safaricom has remitted one’s dividend and the year of remittance.

How much does CEO of Safaricom earn?

Safaricom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Ndegwa. [

5 million in annual pay in his first year at the helm of East Africa’s most profitable company. This means he was making about Sh16. 79 million a month.

How much can I sell my Safaricom shares?

There is no minimum amount or maximum limit of shares you can sell. For example, if you have 1000 Safaricom shares and you want to sell 292 of these shares, it is possible.

Who is founder of Safaricom?

Michael Joseph is a South-African born kenyan businessman who was the founding CEO of Safaricom Limited, the largest telco in Kenya, also acting as the interim CEO after the death of former CEO Bob Collymore, from the 2nd of July 2019 to the 31st of March 2020.

Michael Joseph (businessman)

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Michael Joseph
Successor Peter Ndegwa (business executive)