Your question: Is there an Indian app for sharing files like SHAREit?

JIOSwitch. Another Indian app alternatives to SHAREit application is JIOSwitch. The application can be used for all kinds of file sharing as per the website.

What apps are similar to SHAREit?

Top 4 Mobile Apps Like SHAREit to Try

  • Xender: Share Music, Videos, Photos, and More. Xender has to be one of the best apps like SHAREit that you can use on Android or iOS devices to transfer your data. …
  • Send Anywhere File Transfer. …
  • Zapya File Transfer and Music Player. …
  • Feem V4 (Share Files Offline)

Is SHAREit an Indian app?

SHAREit is one of the Chinese mobile apps that has been banned by the Indian government. … The ban features some of the most used mobile apps including the likes of TikTok, Shein, and UC Browser. Another popular app that received a ban is the file-sharing platform SHAREit.

Which is the fastest file transfer app in India?

10 Best File Sharing Apps For Android (2020)

  • SHAREit.
  • EasyJoin.
  • Portal.
  • Superbeam.
  • AirDroid.
  • Zapya.
  • Send Anywhere.
  • ShareMe (Mi Drop)

Is send anywhere Chinese app?

Estmob, the creator of Send Anywhere, is a start-up based in Seoul.

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Is share it is a Chinese app?

For years, the Chinese app, Shareit, has been on the top in the Indian market. Out of the 1.8 billion users, the app had more than 500 million users in India alone. However, the app company faced a huge challenge when in June the Indian government banned around 59 Chinese apps among which Shareit was the one.

Is SHAREit blocked in India?

SHAREit was one of the 59 Chinese mobile apps that were banned by the Indian government in June last year as part of the first wave of bans. The official explanation was that the apps were found to be jeopardising the privacy of Indian users and the data sovereignty of India.

Is Xender Chinese app?

Is Xender Chinese? Yes, the Xender app, which is now one of the most used file-sharing apps, is developed by a Chinese tech company called Xender Digital Technology Private Limited. The company was found by Peter Jiang in the year 2011.

Which company developed SHAREit?

SHAREit was developed as part of Lenovo at its initial stage but was later spun off and operated under a separate Singapore based technology company Smart Media4U Technology Pte. Ltd.

Is Xender banned in India?

Xender is one of the 59 Chinese apps banned in India by the government. It might be time to look for a Xender replacement if you are currently using the app. There are several Xender alternatives that can be downloaded and used for free.

Which is better Xender or SHAREit?

For instance, Xender is generally faster than SHAREit. In fact, with both apps running on the same Wi-Fi network, Xender is almost twice as fast as SHAREit. However, what SHAREit is lacking in speed is well made up for in its app management capabilities.

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Which app is faster than SHAREit?

JioSwitch is another alternative to SHAREit and has good reviews in the play store. The app has no ads. It supports file transfer between iOS and Android.

Which app is China made?

Chinese Social Media Apps In India

  • TikTok. TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance. …
  • BIGO LIVE. Bigo Live is a live streaming application that lets users create as well as consume content while going live. …
  • Helo. …
  • Liveme. …
  • LIKEE. …
  • UVideo. …
  • Vmate. …
  • PUBG.

Which is the best sharing app in India?

Top Four Indian App Alternatives To SHAREit App: Specifications, Origin, Names And More

  • Share ALL. Share ALL is the Indian version of the SHAREit app, created by Indians. …
  • Smart Share. This is another popular application that can be used both on Android and IOS for file share and transfer. …
  • JIOSwitch. …
  • SFT.

What is Xender app?

Xender is a cross-platform file transfer app that allows sharing files on mobile and desktop.