Is succession certificate required for transmission of shares?

The certified copy of the will is called a ‘probate’. Succession certificate is not required when probate or letter of administration is issued. … The survivors in case of joint holding can get the shares transmitted in their names by production of the death certificate of the deceased holder of shares.

Is succession certificate mandatory for transmission of shares?

23 May 2016 Yes, Transmission of share could be valid without obtaining succession certificate. However Board of Directors should ensure that sufficient evidence has been produced by the legal heirs.

What is compulsory for transmission of shares?

The survivor is required to apply for transmission of shares by providing death certificate of the deceased shareholder.

What is the procedure for transmission of shares?

Document required for transmission of shares

  1. Transmission Request Form(TRF)
  2. Affidavit on 100/- stamp paper for claiming the legal heir of the beneficial owner.
  3. Notarized copy of the death certificate.
  4. Indemnity deed on 500/- indemnifying both, the depository and Depository Participants (DP)
  5. NOC From legal heirs.
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How do you transfer shares after death?

Procedure to change name on Physical Shares of a Deceased

  1. Physical Share Certificates.
  2. Death Certificate of the Deceased.
  3. PAN Card of the Successor.
  4. Transmission Request Form.
  5. Attested Signatures by Banker of the Successor.
  6. Proof of Address of the Successor.
  7. Any other document as required by the Company.

How transmission of shares is different from transfer of shares?

The transfer of shares is a voluntary act by the holder of shares and takes place by way of contract. Whereas, the transmission of shares takes place due to the operation of law that is on the death of the holder of shares or in an event where the holder becomes insolvent/lunatic.

How do I transfer physical shares from father to son?

Share transfer deed has to be sent to the registrar of the company as the shares are physical. Your parent will submit a Delivery Instruction Slip(DIS) The DIS has to be submitted through the parent’s DP. It must have DP ID, Name, your client ID & your name, ISIN, and the number of shares to be transferred.

What is a succession certificate?

Succession certificate is a document issued by a competent court (civil) certifying a rightful person to be the successor of a deceased person. This certificate authorizes successor(s) to realize debts and securities of the deceased person.

What documents are required to transfer shares?


  • Income Tax PAN. Income Tax PAN of both transferee and transferor.
  • Passport Photo. Passport Photo of both the transferee and transferor.
  • Aadhaar Card. Voter ID Card of both the transferee and transferor.
  • Share Certificates. Original Share Certificates of the Transferor.
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How long does transmission of shares take?

Transmission of shares is required to be done within a period of one month for shares held in physical form and within seven days for shares held in Demat form, from the date of lodgment of the Transmission Request Form by listed companies.

What kind of account is needed by nominee to give effect to the transmission of shares?

1) Registering a nomination for a demat account helps eliminate the need for documents such as will, succession certificate for transmission of securities. 2) The nominee/legal heirs are required to have a DP account if not already there.

Do shares have to be sold on death?

If someone owned shares at the time that they died, then these will be included as part of their estate and they will need to be sold or transferred as part of the estate administration.

How do I transfer stock to heirs?

How to Transfer Individual Stocks

  1. Locate the bank. The first step in transferring stock to an heir is to locate the bank holding the account. …
  2. Communicate with the bank. Now that you have located the bank holding the account, you must let them know the account holder has died. …
  3. Transfer the stock.

How do I sell my deceased father’s shares?

You can send them the certificates along with a covering letter signed by yourself as executor and include the grant of probate. They will then sell the shares on your behalf.