How many outstanding shares does Nike have?

What are the shares outstanding for Nike?

Shares outstanding can be defined as the number of shares held by shareholders (including insiders) assuming conversion of all convertible debt, securities, warrants and options.

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NIKE Annual Shares Outstanding (Millions of Shares)
2020 1,592
2019 1,618
2018 1,659
2017 1,692

What is Nike’s PEG ratio?

About PEG Ratio (TTM)

Currently, NIKE, Inc. has a PEG ratio of 2.96 compared to the Shoes and Retail Apparel industry’s PEG ratio of 1.28.

How many shares did Nike have outstanding at the end of 2019?

Historical Shares Outstanding Data

Date Value
May 31, 2019 1.568B
April 01, 2019 1.572B
February 28, 2019 1.573B
January 03, 2019 1.574B

How many shareholders do Nike have?

Top 10 Owners of Nike Inc

Stockholder Stake Shares owned
The Vanguard Group, Inc. 7.88% 100,677,129
BlackRock Fund Advisors 4.62% 59,058,800
SSgA Funds Management, Inc. 4.28% 54,629,105
Fidelity Management & Research Co… 1.99% 25,414,421

What is Tesla’s P E ratio?

About PE Ratio (TTM)

Tesla, Inc. has a trailing-twelve-months P/E of 185.03X compared to the Automotive – Domestic industry’s P/E of 16.67X. Price to Earnings Ratio or P/E is price / earnings. It is the most commonly used metric for determining a company’s value relative to its earnings.

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What is Nike’s Ebitda?

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NIKE Annual EBITDA (Millions of US $)
2019 $5,492
2018 $5,219
2017 $5,465
2016 $5,164

What kind of stock is Nike?

Nike is a sound stock based on its steady stock performance and growth in earnings per share, revenue and net income, strong balance sheet, and management approach. But there is no risk-free stock—not even Nike.

Who is the CEO of Nike?

Early in his career, Nike President and CEO John Donahoe heard a speaker at a Bain & Company training program make an observation that immediately clicked with him: Elite athletes tend to view getting help as a sign of strength.

Is Nike overvalued?

Nike has earned the right to trade at a premium relative to its competition, and when observing the company’s earnings multiples over the past five years, Nike does not appear overvalued.

What is Nike’s net worth?

In 2021, the Nike brand was valued at approximately 30.44 billion U.S. dollars, which was a decrease of over four billion U.S. dollars from 2020.

Brand value of the sports company Nike worldwide from 2016 to 2021 (in million U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Brand value in million U.S. dollars
2019 32,421

Who has ownership of Nike?

The top shareholders of Nike are Phil Knight, Mark Parker, Andrew Campion, Swoosh LLC, Vanguard Group Inc., and BlackRock Inc. (BLK). Below, we take a closer look at the top six shareholders of Nike.

Who is the major shareholder of Nike?

In NIKE’s case, its Top Key Executive, Philip Knight, is the largest shareholder, holding 17% of shares outstanding. With 6.6% and 6.0% of the shares outstanding respectively, The Vanguard Group, Inc. and BlackRock, Inc. are the second and third largest shareholders.

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Is Nike a partnership or corporation?

Nike, Inc. (/ˈnaɪki/ or /ˈnaɪk/) is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area.