How do I get my shares back from IEPF?

How do I get my stock back from IEPF?

The IEPF Authority shall decide to pay the unclaimed dividend amount and transfer the shares back to the credit of your account based on the verification report submitted by the Company. The IEPF Rules and the Form IEPF-5 are available on the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs at

How long does it take to get Iepf shares back?

In case of non receipt of documents by the Authority after the expiry of 60 days from the date of filing of Form IEPF-5, the Authority may reject Form IEPF-5, after giving an opportunity to the claimant to furnish response within a period of 15 days.

How do I claim unclaimed shares?

The IEPF website usually has all the details of unclaimed amounts. To make a claim, you can use IEPF-5 form. In case an investor doesn’t want to go through the hassles and wants to outsource it to some agency then they can also avail that option.

What happens when shares are transferred to IEPF?

After transfer of shares, now shareholder seeks the reason of transfer and wish to claim the same form the IEPF authority for which form is available on IEPF Website. Here is responsibility of the Company Secretary cum Nodal Officer of the Company to provide solution to the shareholders.

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How do I claim stock dividends?

a. Forward a request letter in the prescribed format (Annexure-I) to M/s Alankit Assignments Limited, Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) along with the Original Dividend Warrant / Demand Draft, Cancelled Cheque, Address Proof & PAN Card for crediting the dividend directly in the bank account.

What happens to unclaimed shares in India?

Unclaimed shares over seven years will soon be transferred to Government of India. Total of such shares outstanding can only be estimated. If you apply dividend yield of NIFTY 500 to annual unclaimed dividend, you will get a value in excess of Rs. 1,00,000 Crores.

How do I contact Iepf?

For IEPF related issues, please raise a service complaint or contact Helpdesk at 0124-4832500.

How do I claim dividends after 7 years?

As per, Section 124(5) of the Companies Act 2013, any dividend amounts, which remains unpaid or unclaimed for a period of 7 years from the date they became due for payment, shall be finally transferred by the company to the IEPF.

How do you find the folio number of shares?

If you have the physical certificates, the folio number is written on top of the share certificate along with the distinctive numbers of the shares. Alternatively, if you are holding shares in the demat form then you can find out the old folio numbers through your DP.

How do I claim dividends Iepf?

Any person whose shares / unclaimed dividend or other amount such as matured deposits, matured debentures, application money due for refund, or interest thereon, sale proceeds of fractional shares, redemption proceeds of preference shares etc. have been transferred by the company to IEPF may claim the shares and/or …

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Why are shares transferred to IEPF?

All shares of the Company in respect of which dividends have remained unclaimed or un-encashed for seven consecutive years or more, are required to be transferred by the Company to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (‘IEPF’) established by the Government of India.

Are equity shares transferable?

Equity shares are transferable, i.e. ownership of equity shares can be transferred with or without consideration to other person. … Equity shareholders do not get fixed rate of dividend.

How do I transfer shares to IEPF?

The Company to file Form IEPF-3 within 30 days from the end of financial year, furnishing details of such shares. Procedure for transferring shares to fund: Shares to be credited to DEMAT Account of IEPF Authority within 30 days of such shares becoming due for transfer to IEPF.