Why did Paxful banned my account?

Your account is linked to another banned account. Please be reminded that having multiple accounts is a violation of our Terms of Service and could lead to banning or suspension.

How do I recover my banned Paxful account?

Warning: The quickest way to appeal a restriction of your account is by using our Contact Us form and choosing the following request type: Accessing and using my account > My account is banned, frozen, suspended, or on-hold.

Why did Paxful froze my account?

Another common reason is the Geolocation lock on User Accounts. … If you login from any new location without your 2FA authentication app enabled, your Paxful account will be automatically locked for security reasons. To be able to log in, account confirmation and approval must be done through email.

Can my Paxful account be frozen?

The common causes given by Paxful are: p.s. A chargeback is a charge that is returned to a payment card after a customer successfully disputes an item on their account statement or transactions report. If I have had any above behavior(s), my account will get banned, suspended or frozen depending on Paxful’s standard.

Can I have two accounts on Paxful?

First, if your application gets accepted, you’ll be able to trade up to 100,000 USD worth of crypto in one go—as long as you get the go-signal from our compliance team. Additionally, you’ll have the option of managing two accounts: the corporate account and an additional personal account.

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Why is Paxful blocked in NY?

Why do you have to stop serving NY? We respect and comply with all federal and state legislation. We cannot apply for a Bitlicense at this time so we must cease serving NY residents.

How do I change my Paxful email?

How to Change Your Email Address

  1. Go to your Settings page from your account icon in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Underneath the Account settings header, click on “Change Email”.
  3. A pop-up window will appear, where you can click “Continue”.

How do you unfreeze a Bitcoin?

If the “freeze account” link was clicked from the URL at the bottom of a login confirmation email, we will need to contact you at your registered phone number for security reasons. After verifying your identity, we will unfreeze your account.