Should I invest in NowRx?

Is NowRx a good investment?

It’s that simple. And it could be extremely rewarding. According to my analysis, an investment in NowRx today should return 400% or more over the next several years, and could return more than 1,000%.

How much will NowRx be worth?

NowRx investors

NowRx’s latest valuation is reported to be $26.8 m.

Who is NowRx competitors?

NowRx’s competitors

NowRx’s top competitors include PharmaLife, Vitau, OnePoint Patient Care and Diplomat Pharmacy. NowRx is an on-demand pharmacy startup. PharmaLife is a provider of medication delivery services. Vitau is a company operating as a pharmacy sending medications.

Who owns NowRx?

Cary Breese is the Founder and CEO of NowRx, which is currently raising a $7mm Series A round on SeedInvest under Regulation A+. In this post, the latest in our founder profile series, we explore the exciting healthtech space in which NowRx operates, and how Cary has positioned the company for future growth.

Is SeedInvest com legit?

SeedInvest is a fully regulated broker-dealer, meaning they do extra amounts of vetting on the companies they display on their platform. Swart says that that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more likely to succeed, just that some of the work has been taken care of for you.

Who is Cary Breese?

Cary Breese

Former CEO of financial services startup acquired for 18x cash-on-cash. Led $100M product line as EVP, CIGNA. B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and credentialed actuary.

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