Quick Answer: What months does AbbVie pay dividends?

(ABBV) will begin trading ex-dividend on October 14, 2021. A cash dividend payment of $1.3 per share is scheduled to be paid on November 15, 2021.

How often does AbbVie pay dividend?

Can investors rely on the dividend? AbbVie pays a quarterly dividend of $1.30, which translates to $5.20 per share annually.

What is the next ex dividend date for AbbVie 2021?

ABBV Dividend History

04/14/2021 CASH 05/14/2021
01/14/2021 CASH 02/16/2021
10/14/2020 CASH 11/16/2020
07/14/2020 CASH 08/14/2020

Will AbbVie raise dividends in 2021?

AbbVie is raising its GAAP diluted EPS guidance for the full-year 2021 from $6.04 to $6.14 to $6.29 to $6.33. AbbVie is raising its adjusted diluted EPS for the full-year 2021 from $12.52 to $12.62 to $12.63 to $12.67.


c Reflects profit sharing for Imbruvica international revenues.
n/a = not applicable

Is ABBV a good dividend stock?

AbbVie is an excellent dividend stock, provided the investor is willing to accept a slightly elevated risk compared to some lower yielding, less volatile options.

Is ABBV dividend qualified?

The AbbVie dividend (as an Abbott Labs spin off) has increased for 49 consecutive years; qualifying the company as a Dividend Aristocrat. Technically AbbVie has only existed since 2013 when it was spun off by Abbott Labs.

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What is the next ex dividend date for Abbvie?

The next Abbvie Inc dividend will go ex in 26 days for 141c and will be paid in 2 months.

Dividend Summary.

Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Per share 130c 141c
Declaration date 10 Sep 2021 (Fri) 29 Oct 2021 (Fri)
Ex-div date 14 Oct 2021 (Thu) 13 Jan 2022 (Thu)
Pay date 15 Nov 2021 (Mon) 15 Feb 2022 (Tue)

Did AbbVie raise their dividend?

Pharmaceutical company AbbVie’s (ABBV) board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend of $1.41 a share from $1.30 for an increase of 8.5%. The dividend is payable on Feb. 15 to shareholders of record as of Jan. 14.

How long has AbbVie paid dividends?

What track record does AbbVie have of raising its dividend? AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV) has increased its dividend for the past 49 consecutive years.

What is AbbVie dividend growth rate?

Looking at dividend growth, the company’s current annualized dividend of $5.20 is up 10.2% from last year. Over the last 5 years, AbbVie has increased its dividend 5 times on a year-over-year basis for an average annual increase of 19.74%.