Is Ascendas REIT a good buy?

What type of REIT is Ascendas?

Ascendas Reit is Singapore’s first and largest listed business space and industrial Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) with a portfolio diversified across four major segments including business spaces, logistics and distribution centres, industrial properties and data centres.


Name A17U.SI
Low 2.920

How often does Ascendas REIT pay dividends?

Ascendas Reit’s mission is to deliver predictable distributions and long-term capital stability to unitholders. Distributions are paid semi-annually (estimated distribution payment in March/September).

What was the IPO price for Ascendas REIT?

Ascendas Reit, Singapore’s first business space and industrial REIT, is listed on SGX-ST with a portfolio of eight properties worth about $$636 million at an IPO price of S$0.88 per unit.

Is Ascott Residence Trust a REIT?

Ascott Residence Trust is a stapled group comprising Ascott Real Estate Investment Trust (Ascott Reit) and Ascott Business Trust (Ascott BT).

How do you calculate dividend payout?

The dividend payout ratio can be calculated as the yearly dividend per share divided by the earnings per share (EPS), or equivalently, the dividends divided by net income (as shown below).

Who owns Mapletree Commercial Trust?

MCT is managed by Mapletree Commercial Trust Management Ltd. (“MCTM” or the “Manager”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MIPL.

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Is Ascott trust worth buying?

Compelling value.

Ascott Residence Trust (ART) currently trades below book at 0.9x P/NAV and on attractive 5.6% forward FY22 yields. We estimate a 43% y-o-y growth in DPU and on more resilient income stream from longer-stay lodging assets.

Is Ascott Trust same as Ascott Residence Trust?

On and with effect from completion of the Combination on 31 December 2019, the Combined Entity (i.e. the stapled group comprising Ascott Reit and the Ascott BT) is named “Ascott Residence Trust”. Ascott Reit has been renamed “Ascott Real Estate Investment Trust” and Ascott BT is named “Ascott Business Trust”.

Who owns Sabana REIT?

Sabana Industrial REIT is managed by Sabana Real Estate Investment Management Pte. Ltd., (in its capacity as the Manager of Sabana Industrial REIT) in accordance with the terms of the trust deed dated 29 October 2010 (as amended). The REIT was constituted on 29 October 2010 under the laws of Singapore.