How does the Crypto COM card work?

How do crypto com cards work?

The Rewards Visa card allows cardmembers to earn cash back in the form of CRO Rewards. CRO rewards are’s cryptocurrency token, which can be traded on’s platform into other digital coins or even into fiat currency.

Is the Crypto COM card a debit card?

Since the Rewards Visa Card is a prepaid debit card and not a credit card, you don’t have to worry about paying interest on your purchases. Not only that, but this card comes free of annual fees. Other fees associated with the different card tiers are listed in the app.

How do I use my crypto com debit card?

Generally, you fund the card with your digital assets before spending, unlike a crypto credit card. Then you can tap, swipe or insert a crypto debit card as you would with a traditional debit or credit card anywhere the card issuer (Visa or Mastercard, for example) is accepted.

Is Crypto COM card a credit card?

These prepaid debit cards let you earn rewards without owning a credit card. The rewards vary from platform to platform; for example, I earn 2% back on most of my spending with a card.

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Is Crypto COM card free? is offering them to CRO token holders for FREE: NO monthly fee. NO annual fee.

How does the MCO Visa card work?

How does the MCO Visa Card Work? The MCO Visa card is a prepaid card that may be used in conjunction with the app and the CRO system. … Users can purchase cryptocurrency on the app and load it onto their card, which is then converted to fiat currency for usage in retailers.

How do I withdraw money from my Crypto Visa card?

Making a withdrawal requires the following steps:

  1. Click on “TRANSFER” on the home screen of your app.
  2. Select “WITHDRAW”
  3. Pick “CRYPTO”
  4. Choose “External Wallet”
  5. Find the withdrawal address you whitelisted and tap “Withdraw”
  6. Enter the amount needed and tap “Withdraw”

Can I buy crypto with Crypto COM card?

How to purchase CRO and/or crypto in the App with my credit/debit card? Tap the Trade button, then Buy and select CRO or your preferred crypto to purchase. Add your credit/debit card on the screen that follows, which will create a secure link to our payment gateway.

Is crypto com a good investment?

Yes crypto dot com (CRO) is a good investment in 2021- 2022.