How do I share iCal with Android?

Head over to and sign in using your Apple ID. Once you’re logged in, select the “Calendar” option. In the left-hand menu, select the calendar that you want to view on your Android device, and then select its accompanying “Share calendar” icon (where the cursor is positioned in the following screenshot).

Can I share iCal with Android user?

If you use iCal on your Mac instead of the Google Calendar Web app, you can set up iCal to synchronize calendar events with Google Calendar. Any events you add or changes you make in iCal are synchronized to your Google Calendar account, where the Calendar app on your Android device can copy them.

Can I share a calendar between iPhone and Android?

To use the app, first setup your iCloud account on your iPhone and allow it to backup your calendar to the cloud. After that, run SmoothSync on your Android device and login to your iCloud account within the app. Then, select which iCloud calendars to sync to your Android device.

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Can you share a calendar between iPhone and Samsung?

With two-way synchronization, SyncGene keeps your Appointments organized and up-to-date. Manage Calendar events both from Samsung Galaxy Calendar or iPhone – the changes will be updated automatically to connected accounts.

How do I add iCal to Google Calendar on Android?

Add iCal to Google Calendar

  1. Go to
  2. On the left side go to “Other Calendars” and click on the dropdown.
  3. Choose “Add by URL”.
  4. Enter the URL of the calendar, which you want to subscribe to.
  5. Click on “Add Calendar” and wait for Google to import your events.

Can I sync my Mac calendar with my Android phone?

Sync Android calendar with Mac

  1. Install SyncMate on your Mac. …
  2. Choose Android device.
  3. Select how you will connect the device: through USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  4. Click “+” button in the top panel and select “Calendar” from the list of plugins; adjust the sync parameters.
  5. Now click ‘Sync’ to get everything up-to-date.

What is the best calendar to share between iPhone and Android?

Google Calendar (Android, iOS, Web)

Google Calendar is the most popular cross-platform calendar app. It is basically a master calendar that allows you to have separate calendars for personal, business, or any other purpose.

How do I transfer my ical to Google Calendar?

You can import with ICS and CSV files on a computer.

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. In the top right, click Settings. Settings.
  3. In the menu on the left, click Import & Export.
  4. Click Select file from your computer and select the file you exported. …
  5. Choose which calendar to add the imported events to. …
  6. Click Import.
  7. If you have a .
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How do I get Icalendar on my Android?

How to setup ICal on Android devices?

  1. Download and Install ICalSync application from here or we have attached the . …
  2. Run ICalSync app on android phone and it would give you an option to go to “Go to Sync Accounts”
  3. Click on “Add account” from the bottom right.
  4. Select ICalSync.
  5. Set synchronize time to 15 Min and save it.

How do I transfer calendar from Android to Android?

Transfer Calendar from Android to Android Using Google Account

  1. Enable Sync Options on Old Phone. Go to Settings > Accounts & sync to add your Google account > Turn on Sync.
  2. Add Google Accounts on Old Phone. …
  3. Transfer Google Calendar to New Phone.

Can I sync my Apple calendar with Google Calendar?

Your Google Calendar activities can sync with your iPhone either by installing the Google Calendar app or by adding it to the iPhone’s built-in Calendar app. To sync Google Calendar with the built-in app, start by adding your Google account to the iPhone’s Passwords & Accounts tab in the Settings app.

How do I add IOS calendar to Google Calendar?

Step 2: Adding your Apple Calendar to Google Calendar

  1. On your desktop/laptop, open a browser and navigate to
  2. Find the “Add a friend’s calendar” section to the left of the screen. …
  3. Enter the URL you copied from either your Calendar app or and click Add Calendar.

How do I add ICS to Samsung calendar?

How to subscribe to an internet calendar feed (ICS) using the Calendar app in Android phone and tablets

  1. Log into the Google site using the account assigned to your Android device, then from top-menu click “More > Calendar”.
  2. Follow the instructions at Google Calendar to subscribe to the calendar feed.
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